New Superior General & Councilors of MCBS (March 2014 – March 2020)

Nelson MCBS

Missionary Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament (MCBS)

Superior General of MCBS (March 2014 – March 2020)

Fr Joseph Maleparambil MCBS

Very Rev. Fr Joseph Maleparambil MCBS

Mob. 09446466540


General Councillors (March 2014 – March 2020)

Fr Thomas Pattery MCBS

Rev. Fr Thomas Pattery MCBS

Councilor for Mission, Assistant General

Mob. 09447861574, 09343110007


Fr James Meledath MCBS

Rev. Fr James Meledath MCBS

Councilor for Social Work, General Auditor

Mob. 09495220451


Fr Kuriakose Moonjely MCBS

Rev. Fr Kuriakose Moonjely MCBS

Councilor for Eucharistic Apostolate

Mob. 09495353101


Fr Cyriac Kottayarikil MCBS

Rev. Fr Cyriac Kottayarikil MCBS

Councilor for Finance

Mob. 09400315773, 09743153018



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