Master Plan

You can help and participate in the Various ministries of  Emmaus Retreat Centre in SEVEN different ways:

1. Donate your Sacraments

Please offer your Holy Mass / Eucharistic Celebrations / Qurbana in the Intention of Emmaus Retreat Centre. We encourage if you can take up  the ministries of Emmaus at least as secondary, tertiary or one of the intentions.

2. Donate your Prayers

You may recite Rosaries, Way of the Crosses, Novenas, Ejaculations and other prayers in the intention of Emmaus Retreat Centre.

3. Donate your Sacrifices

Your Sacrifices, such as Fasting, Control of senses, Life of Simplicity will add an additional grace to the ministries of Emmaus.

4. Donate your Words

You can help us by Speaking Positively about the ministries of Emmaus Retreat Centre. Spirit of God will inspire the souls by your positive words.

5. Donate your Manpower

Your volunteer service to our various ministries are also welcome. You can become an active or passive volunteer of Emmaus Retreat Centre. Active volunteer is one who is present in the Ashram for various Ministries and a Passive volunteer is one who participate in the ministries from a remote place by interceding for Emmaus Retreat Centre.

6. Donate your Earnings

Emmaus Retreat Centre could not but  develop only by the donations of its well-wishers. At Present the Retreat and Counseling Center functions in a rented house. By the Providence of God we gave advance for a new Land (3 Acres & 20 Cents) near to the Present Ashram. Purchasing of the Land, its development and constructions and everything shall begin from nothing. Therefore if you are inspired you can contribute a share of your earnings to our Account.
Emmaus Retreat Centre also receives donations for its different Social & Charity Works.
Note: Donations are received directly by the Director or Priests of the Ashram. No intermediaries are entrusted for the same. You can also contribute directly to our bank account.
Bank Account Information
Bank: South Indian Bank (SIB)
Branch: Mallappally
Account Name: Emmaus Retreat Centre
IFSC Code: SIBL0000314
Account No.: 0314 0730 0000 0314
Bank: South Indian Bank (SIB)
Branch: Mallappally
Account Name: Fr Superior
IFSC Code: SIBL0000314
Account No.: 0314 0530 0000 2907

7. Donate your Dear Ones

In order to spread the Kingdom of God through Various ministries we need vocations.  Promote Vocations to Priesthood and Religious Life from your Families. Inspire and promote your dear ones to consecrated life.